Friday, January 17, 2014

Remembrance Day, a year on...

Friends are always there when you need them

Happy birthday +Rok Trost. You are 36 today. I mark this your official remembrance day because I cannot soon forget you.

Your daughter remains as beautiful and vivacious as your wife; thankfully, +Tamara Pavasovic Trost shares enough pictures online so we can watch her grow up in your image together.

Your friends are right where you left them, although some of us have moved to different cities or countries since you left this world. To be expected.

All is good, except that you will not be physically there for the next meet-up or reunion. As tough as this might be, we understand. It's tough because you were always the one willing to meet up, through treacherous snowstorms or jet lag. Today, we would have talked over the phone for your birthday; I missed you calling me, the online handle that +Virginia Duan bestowed upon me all those years ago at UCLA. Nobody said it quite like you, I cannot help but smile.

I'll always remember you - and Jan 17th - with a smile because that's the only appropriate reaction remembering you. I'll save the Slovakia jokes for another day, though, I'm sure you would appreciate it.

In remembrance, forever your friend...
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