Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Writer's Desk (new)

Writer's Desk (new)
It's been another while since I've dropped in to this blog and not many posts with work and life interrupting the flow.

Indeed, the meager 5 entries of formal output this year indicates as much:
In the Shadows
The Power of Positivity
Trade Show
Remembrance Day, a year on...
Pennsylvania Rose

Somewhere in between, I moved - literally. Which consumed over half the year with selling a house, buying a house, then remodeling that house inside and out. Now, we are just about settled, just in time to start a new year fresh, moving figuratively (as it might be) to new adventures.

Of course, we are always moving, in some form or fashion - moving up, moving down, moving on. And if we are not moving, life will still move on without us.

So I'll move along too, to take up a new writer's desk and to take on a new set of projects to bring in the new year. Look for more posts in 2015 and stay tuned for more to come from OpenRoadworks. 
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