Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Catch Up

Here's a catch-up post from a lag in blogging.

It rained on our last day in the Maldives last year. Although that dampened (pun!) some plans, the mix of crashing waves and rain drops on the water was soothing. I sat under a canopy and passed the time with a camera.

After a few minutes, I stowed the camera and slipped into a sort of meditation. A beautiful view with a strangely rhythmic soundscape, the moment was almost surreal. Not exactly the image of an idyllic sunny paradise, but the charm was apparent. And soon enough, the moment passed and a boat ride ensued to the airport island for our departure.

Funny, though, that I remember more clearly this moment than some others from that trip. Perhaps because it was a moment that caused me to pause, breath deeply, and be fully in the moment. A good reminder to harness the power of that meditative ability in less enchanting locations.
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