Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shake It

It's that time again - it's Ruby Tuesday.

So what has the sassy pup been doing these days? Well, to start she is sunning herself outside, now that the longer and warmer days allow it.

This consists of a well-honed ritual: 
  • Exit the front door. 
  • Pause to survey the driveway - pinpoint where the sun shines brightest. 
  • Slowly descend the two steps to the pavement.
  • Scratch up the back right leg to get that spot around the hip just so. 
  • Now shake yourself side to side to fluff out that red mane. 
  • Amble to the spot where the sun shines brightest.
  • Lay down like a lioness and stay still for maximum effect.

And that, my friends, is how a well-honed ritual works. Repeat twice a day and enjoy the meditative benefits that result.

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