Sunday, March 08, 2015

Off the Wagon

A few days without a blog post - I'm off the wagon again.

Other priorities distracted me from a daily writing rhythm over the last several days, hence no blog posts. But I'm back and ready for a productive week.

I return with an old expression - "off the wagon" - which is fascinating in that it lives on well past a time when contemporaries would know what it literally means. I didn't know the nature of its late 19th century origin until I looked it up for this post, and I doubt an abstaining drinker who reverts in today's society would think about water carts controlling the dust on city roads. But there are many expressions like this remaining in the English language, a colorful reminder that history is embedded in our daily expressions whether or not we realize this fact.

No worries, though - I'm back on the wagon and ready for more words.

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