Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Espresso Martini

A cocktail can be an effective pick-me-up. A nice espresso can also be an effective pick-me-up. But can the combination provide an even better pick-me-up than they can alone?

I was going to find out, inspired by the recent shift of my Nespresso machine down to the bar. I searched online and found a fancy espresso martini recipe from British chef dynamo Jamie Oliver, but it was ultimately too fancy for me. It did give me a sense, though, and I adjusted for American measurements. And, indeed, it's a fantastic-tasting pick-me-up, particularly for a mid-afternoon coffee break that begs something stronger than a caffe corretto (the Italian version of a "fortified" espresso) but not quite a happy hour cocktail. The only danger is that it's so tasty that it turns into a second espresso martini and then another, which then blows right past happy hour well into the late night (funny, that's what Jamie Oliver warned as well!).

1.5 oz of vodka (I prefer Tito's Handmade Vodka)
1 oz of Kahlua (can use any coffee liquer you like)
1 shot of Nespresso (any Nespresso flavor you prefer or another fine-tasting espresso, a shot might end up somewhere between 1-1.5 oz)

Make the espresso
Pour the vodka, Kahlua, and espresso into a shaker
Add ice in the shaker
Shake vigorously, make sure to cool down the espresso and mix it thoroughly with the other ingredients
Strain into a cocktail glass

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