Saturday, January 17, 2015

Remembrance Day, another year on

Although some friends are no longer with us, they linger in unexpected ways.

It's been a couple years since +Rok Trost passed on. I thought that time passing would lessen the impact, as if our shared memories would somehow fade away. But memories remain, as durable and solid as the moments that made them years ago.

I remembered him last year to commemorate one year from his passing; today is his birthday, and I choose to commemorate the positive. His legacy is secured through his growing family and the education fund to aid impoverished students from the former Yugoslavia that was, unsurprisingly, oversubscribed to the fundraising goal.

And, of course, Rok continues his travels around the globe to add to the places he accumulated when he could make the journey himself.

So I will continue to celebrate this remembrance day as a time of reflection and joy for living. It's what Rok was all about, and it's a good reminder to make the most of what we have, because that's all he ever did.

Happy birthday, Rok - we'll keep your beautiful spirit alive for the years to come.
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