Monday, January 19, 2015

About Time

Clock in the middle of Grand Central

I'm trying to blog every day, a sort of routine. It's about time.

Regardless of what people might tell you, simple writing doesn't require that much energy or commitment. For instance, this post will end up taking 15 minutes from conception to publishing. It's the act of doing it and the mindfulness to remember to do it and the focus to keep on doing it above other interests and priorities - those things together make it possible to achieve this goal.

And what does it matter that I miss a day or two or 136 days? It doesn't matter, if I believe that writing is not an important thing to do. But it does matter if writing a blog post every day is a meaningful step towards a more creative life - and the initial hurdle to a steady diet of words, output, and publication.

So these 15 minutes are all about time - and timely to sneak in today's post before dinnertime!
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