Friday, November 16, 2012


Anyone can blog and be effortless in doing so, according to

It takes a lot of work to appear effortless.  In a sudden burst of energy, I have this image of what a story idea might look like completely fleshed out, characters living and breathing, plot lines taut and tension-filled, and the emergence of a piece of writing that communicates something important.

Unfortunately, it is just an image, a mirage really, for covering up the countless hours and head-banging attempts to do the actual work to flesh out a story idea.  This is the reason why good ideas take a long time to realize and seem to go "quiet" for such a long time.  Going "quiet" means that something is happening.

In that context, I am learning to appreciate that effortless is actually the state we reach when hard work starts to "pay off" and acceleration occurs from the point of idea to achieving noticeable results.  My goal is to reach that state with my current writing pursuits in the new year - I'll keep trying!
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