Friday, November 09, 2012

For the love of espresso

My wife calls herself the marketer's best friend, and sometimes she is right.  Case in point, this weekend we were out doing holiday shopping.  I know, it's early, but the crowds and lines are much shorter for the early bird shoppers.  In the midst of our browsing, we came across a Nespresso sales rep who extolled the virtues of its high-end coffee machines with nineteen bars of pressure that churn out cup after cup of espresso with a full head of crema.

It only took one sample for my wife to call me over for a surprise that was brewing in her own mind - a Nespresso machine as my early holiday present.  Secretly, I was very happy because I am big fan of Nespresso, from all the days that I spent in European office buildings where these machines are often a fixture.  But I'm also skeptical of event marketers who make clever claims to twist arms for making purchases.

Long story short, there is now a Latissima+ machine installed in our kitchen that, indeed, churns out cup after cup of espresso with a full head of crema.  And I'm in heaven.

So much so that my wife now monitors my intake to make sure that I am not popping back espressos like any number of Italian businessmen who constantly line the counters at the cafes in Milan and Rome.  For the love of espresso, I am curbing my appetite so that the Nespresso pods don't run out too quickly!

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