Thursday, November 15, 2012


Press the productivity button from Talent Alley
My wife teases me that I spend so much time figuring out how to be more productive.  Reading about time management and getting things done and systems thinking and other personal productivity techniques.  It turns out that the effort has less to do with finishing a task list than feeling better about the amount of stuff one is able to accomplish.

It also turns out that time is finite.  That also applies to things getting done.  If the day has only so many hours available, it begs to reason that only so many documents or writings or meetings or phone calls can be accomplished.  Managing time might mean no more than better quantifying the amount available - not that magic happens and more comes out of the effort.  And if one believes that more hours can be squeezed out - less sleep, more energy, what have you - the net result is strangely the same.

Except if one decides that whatever can be accomplished with whatever time is available is good enough.  Even better if it is considered great and worthy of  the time.  Which begs the question - is productivity nothing more than perspective and focus to maximize the time and energy available? 
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