Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Today is a new day.  I'm waking up from a jilted slumber made short by a strange fascination with political results.  I voted yesterday, and President Obama was re-elected.  By the time his soaring rhetoric lit up his base of volunteers and supporters in Chicago, it was 1:30am local time and well past my bedtime.  Still, I sat on the couch and tried to motivate myself to bed.  I could not.

Somehow, the year has passed like a blur, and now it is November.  I had a goal to write 100 blog posts in 2012, and with a little cheating of automated internet services posting a whole batch of Flickr photo albums from my recent Hawaii trip, I am currently at 35.  I figured it was worth a shot to try again for the 100-post goal by Dec 31; after all, 55 days stand between me and that achievement.  A post a day for a month and then a few more for good measure - I have done it before, and I suppose a jump-start on my writing could get me there.

Nothing left to do but grab another espresso and start.
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