Friday, November 09, 2012

Sushi Coma

Nothing like a few rolls at Yuraku
Sushi is always a good call, never better than when finishing off a long week at work.  This time, my wife and I introduced my sister to one of our favorite local sushi joints since she made a surprise visit in advance of her upcoming move to the DC area.

Carrots, celery & dip, edamame, miso soup, fish cheek, egg custard - we were loaded up on the free throw-ins before the rolls arrived.

Somehow, we worked through several of our favorite sushi creations before throwing in the towel.  And since it was a long week at work, we had hardly the energy to turn back for home and have a chat with the parents.  I suppose there is so much more that could await us on a Friday evening, but a sushi coma makes the bed too inviting.  
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