Tuesday, November 13, 2012


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Writing is difficult on some days.  This is one of them.  At least, the day has started in a slump, and perhaps it will improve.  Stumbling blocks often revolve around lack of (sometimes cloudy) thoughts or lack of motivation.  This morning it is more of the former, which I am trying to combat with the latter.  Since I have decided to reach my goal of 100 entries this year without cheating - and I still have a good bit to draft through December - I have tried to jumpstart this blog as a space to reintroduce the discipline.  The trouble is finding a voice that delves into areas worth writing about.  Strangely enough, it is my day job at this point that allows me to publish work, albeit product requirements for a mobile app and system, but it is something.  And that's a start.

This all builds into something, which I am trying to corral in the new year.  Stay tuned as I sort it out - motivation might get me there.
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