Thursday, November 08, 2012

Writer's craft

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been trying to resuscitate my writing activities.  This can be challenging, as it requires "head space" in order to make sense of words and work out ideas that sing on paper.  I suppose it depends on what one tries to accomplish with words in terms of how much "head space" is required, but in my case, pursuing something more creative requires more space.

I am reminded of the books packed away in a box somewhere on the lower level of my house that describe the writer's craft.  These books are assembled in some haphazard collection over several years when aspiring writers pursue a quest of enlightenment, similar to finding the fountain of youth.  Some recipe or some insight must lurk in the words cast off by famous writers who have somehow discovered their voice and created methods to produce word count, plot lines, and finished works.

The interesting conclusion that I have reached is that the writer's craft is ultimately a personal affair.  Certainly, we often fit into archetypes regarding how our brains work and how we make sense of ideas and how we structure our thinking; if one can find another writer or thinker that shares the same working process to achieve results, then all the better.  But that pile of books and other tools are much more of an enterprise to take away time and money from putting pen to paper (or computer screen, in my case). 

Practice and words are what matters.  Like forming a habit.  I am trying to reform the habit now.  The writer's craft starts here and follows whatever path the mind takes to lead it.
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