Saturday, February 28, 2015

Art of the Party

What makes a party? I'm answering this question as part of a product design challenge.

In my day job, I build products, the kind you use on your mobile phone and on the Internet. A central principle of this work is to solve a problem worth solving - that's value that causes people to use your product and even pay for it. Enough people with that problem, and you have a business on your hands.

As a thought exercise, I'm applying this discipline to the topic of party planning. And I realized from my experience, conversations with some folks, and research, that the art of the party hinges on sufficient prep time to be present and make stronger connections with the people gathered at the event. It's those connections that make parties worth having and attending, and it's what all the planning and activities are meant to serve.

So the art of the party is human connection on a bigger scale - what problems would you solve to amplify that connection?
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