Monday, February 16, 2015


From the podium of the West Wing Press Briefing Room

It's President's Day in the US, a day to celebrate past presidents back to George Washington, the country's first president. After all, the date was originally set to commemorate his birthday.

I'm certain that today's presidency would be alien to the likes of Washington and the Founding Fathers, considering the significant changes to all forms of political and social activity. Industrialization and mass production. Equal rights to all people (not just white men). Automobiles. Electricity and all manner of appliances. Air conditioning. Television. Airplanes. Wireless phones. Internet. That's before the considerations for how to govern and regulate all manner of activities and situations that result from these and so many other things we now take for granted. 

Still, the Founding Fathers would likely accomplish great things in the context of modern times. How progressive to consider happiness a striving point worth protecting for a populace? I'll imagine Washington, Jefferson, and others with their social media profiles and what Ben Franklin would tweet in his humility when he invented the bifocals.

I'm happy there are others who wish to ascend to this position, presumably for the most powerful person in the land (although surprisingly powerless in many respects thanks for the balance of government constructed from the Constitution), and I hope they carry the same ideals that Washington and our Founding Fathers tried to uphold. 

To those who came before me and governed this country, I salute you (especially those still with us - I'm talking to you Carter, Bush, Clinton, and Bush!)
Ah, the travails of dealing with the press corps...

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