Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Hello Ruby Tuesday

We have a dog, and her name is Ruby.

Ruby has more followers than me, is more popular than me, and is definitely cuter than me. We adopted her over 4 years ago; it's hard to believe that she was at potential risk for euthanasia after being found wandering on the side of a highway. She weighed under 5 pounds due to tapeworm and was a bit scraggly since she was shaved in the shelter. But my wife was partial to her, and she joined the family.

Ruby is a Pomeranian, on the smaller side but not quite a teacup variety. She has one eye (a permanent wink - we adopted her that way) and a heart murmur so she takes her daily pills. And she's now over 7 pounds - time for a weight loss program. 

Although she might not have quite the following other poms like BooGiggy, and Jiff, she's still a local celebrity and usually the center of attention. And since I'm a fan of the Rolling Stones song, I will christen it Ruby Tuesday moving forward and share some of her latest adventures.  Hello Ruby Tuesday!

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