Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ask Why

Why does the crab always head towards the pole?

When I'm stuck and looking for some inspiration, I ask the question, "why", and I get unstuck.

Asking the question opens the mind to possibilities and brings a higher level of understanding; I learned this as a child. It seems that kids ask "why" quite a bit, as they are learning about the world.

As we get older, somehow we get this idea that we should now have the answers. True enough, we do some of the time. But not always. And when we don't, we feel like we need to have an answer, just because we should know better (I'll leave out scenarios of decision by necessity when any answer will do as long as one comes). In these moments where answers are not easily found, I've learned that continuing to ask the "why?" question is not only healthy but illuminating.

Because we never stop learning, and if we appreciate this fact, we are freed from being the smartest person in the room or always needing to have the answer. We are freed to explore like we did as children and have that path of exploration lead us in new and surprising directions.

So go ahead - start asking "why?" again and see what doors that opens for you.

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