Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why I Blog

Dusk coming in a Maldives lagoon

I blog for a reason, and it's not fame or fortune.

It cannot be fame based on the small audience who reads, and it cannot be fortune since a small audience commands no revenue. 

It's personal, but probably not in the way you would think.

Blogging is commitment and accountability. In this year of growth, I'm reviving habits that keep me focused on goals worth achieving, in my case a career change and a book project that I want to make happen. Doing these things requires day-by-day effort, often unchecked by anyone except myself. Producing a daily blog entry is a trigger for me to keep at it, to keep working on those things and the outcomes that day-by-day effort will produce.

Of course, there is a secondary benefit that rivals the primary benefit - clarity. By writing everyday and publishing in the public domain, I'm forced to grapple with a thought and make it something that another reader can understand. Which means a process of working out what's going through my mind, which provides an additional therapeutic benefit. I've talked about this in a prior post

So I'll keep blogging and see what comes of it. Through 53 days of this year, I've written 42 blog posts (and counting) - it looks like I'm off to a good start.
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