Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Building Words

What Building Words can look like as a speech tool for children
Writing skill comes from capturing thoughts through distinctive use of wordplay and grammar.  Stated differently, writing is all about building words.  I remember my earliest school boy days when I started to discover this skill, devouring book upon book of simple story lines and pictures that were the hallmark of classic children's literature.  I still observe the same patterns, in characters and letters.  How words can look strange and sound strange and somehow form a lyrical pattern.  Then express meaning that connects with a reader who nibbles on the same words, and teases out different meaning to the same words than even the writer had been able to create.  

If it sounds like a game, it is - and the winner is ultimately the reader who gets to enjoy how the game is played.  I'm returning soon to the game, once I finish a few work documents that are in the way!
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