Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On the Road

Kristen Stewart gets a billing in On the Road
So many threads bring me back to travel and the open road.  First, I received an email from my regular hotel brand about 2012 stays.  As usual, I was in a hotel room almost 50 days this year, a trend I have maintained over the last 10 years (that's right - I have counted over 500 hotel nights).  Then, I saw the trailer for the movie, "On the Road", which is based on one of the seminal books that I read in my youth, by Jack Kerouac.  Then, I was reminded of upcoming travel to NYC in the new year, which requires another booking.

Somehow, this adds up to a life on the road, which means something very different now with my hotel nights at business-quality hotels versus then when "On the Road" resonated so strongly.  But it is the spirit of travel, adventure, and the open road nonetheless.  I still remind myself to open my eyes and look out in wonder, because the world is a beautiful place.  
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