Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Year-ends are good times to reflect and take stock on the year gone past and the year coming ahead.  I took a longer view, though, when thinking about the lifespan of the digital age, at least my personal trajectory.

A few dates were noteworthy and interesting:
My first email address - 17 years ago
My first digital camera - 12 years ago
My first mobile phone - 11 years ago
My first blog post - 9 years ago
My first tweet - 4 years ago

This means that half my life has been spent in the digital age, enough to ingrain (and ingratiate itself) into my lifestyle.  For those older, maybe less so; for those younger, even by a few years, materially more so, to the point where we will not understand each other fully out in the next decade.

This makes the notion of timespan an interesting notion, in that the break in generations that occurred from the computer and internet explosion at the turn of the century will likely accelerate the distinction that generations feel from one another, even from a few years out.  I'll be curious as to what we will feel about this topic in another decade, when the digital age will have become automatic, the "evernet", and seamlessly interwoven into the fabric of our lives.  Or not - let's see what happens.
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