Thursday, December 20, 2012


My friend Simon showing classic IMD grit at the whiteboard
I've always known a life of working.  Maybe it was my father as role model, a workaholic in my mother's eyes but also someone who truly enjoys his occupation and the long hours he devotes to his company.  Maybe it is my own passions, which lead me to industriousness and output as a sign of progress.  Wherever it is, I have followed a path of working and applying myself to the maximum of my time and abilities.  Which explains why a Wednesday night at 9:40pm might find me typing away at my computer on another presentation or website versus lounging in front of a television.

In the end, that's OK.  I accept my working lifestyle because it is me, and I enjoy it.  Thankfully, my wife accepts it too (most times - but not always!).  So, it is another self-discovery that defines my path and orientation towards things.  I suppose this ultimately makes me more American (live to work) than European (work to live), but this concept is too general.  Besides, from a more practical vantage point, it makes me busy much of the time, which means I need to remind myself to take a break and take Ruby for a walk.  Sounds like a good idea right about now, while I remember, before I start working again.
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