Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Traffic, SF style
A case study in how online traffic works.  Since I have hustled to achieve my 2012 objective of posting 100 blog entries, my site traffic has increased 10x from its normal traffic levels.  Granted, it is difficult not to increase traffic for a site that averages less than one post a week for the life of the site, which then suddenly jumps to 20 posts per week.  But it is a wonder in how the online world works today.  This blog is hosted by Blogger, part of the Google network.  Google considers pageviews as economists consider transactions in the market, a necessity to spur economic activity and value creation.  For Google, pageviews leads to engagement which leads to ad placement which leads to clickthroughs and money generated from advertisers.  For me, it is a matter of achieving a personal objective and crossing a task off my 2012 list.  In either case, it leads to traffic.

In any case, keep reading - there are more posts to come!
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