Monday, December 17, 2012

Mystic morning

Outside on a mystic morning
The sky has been hanging heavy here, "expectant with rain" as the literary would jot in their notebooks.  By the time this blog post clears the interwebs, I'm sure the sky will open into drizzling rain and provide the right sort of background for pensive thoughts and crafting of deep thoughts that reflect strongly on a page.

Returning to my own literary doodlings, these have stalled over the past several weeks, as work has ebbed again to be "expectant with rain" in its own way.  Pages and pages of documentation, gnarled in a "co-creation" process with a variety of different-minded people ("stakeholders" the business world likes to call them), attempting to describe the same thing.

The publishing process at my work looks somewhat like the tree in this picture that I captured this morning, sturdy singular trunk that loses focus as it reaches up through its branches into hundreds of points of end-lines that carry leaves in the summertime.  As it is now mid-December and the year is closing, there are no more leaves.

I should hope for inspiration as the rain falls today, to resume my march to the end of the year and then another year after that - because today is as good a day as any, to start new again.
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