Friday, December 21, 2012


Presents in the present?
Words are interesting creatures.  Case in point - the word present.  In the context of this morning's energy around the state of the world today, this word means "in the moment" or "the period of time now occurring". But in no more than a day, this word will quickly switch to take on its other major meaning - "a thing given to someone as a gift".

Both meanings of the word are relevant and poignant.  Usage depends on context.  Intent matters.  These are the seemingly silly conflicts we wage with the English language in order to make sense of what we are trying to say and write.  For instance, it allows me to write, with a straight face, this zinger of a line: I present you this present in the present with present company that was pre-sent to be prescient.

Don't worry - you won't find this line in my next written piece, but it makes for a nice random thought to throw around at cocktail parties.
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