Thursday, December 20, 2012

Party Like It's 1999

A coworker sent me a meeting invitation to the end of the world.  Fitting.  I'm not sure if I should accept or not (suppose it depends on your views of the end of the Mayan calendar), but somehow it reminded me of the Prince song on a related subject.

Fitting as well that this coworker was not born when Prince extolled the virtues of partying like it's 1999 (side note: I did party like it's 1999 while studying abroad in Milan at that time, which was a heady experience with the coming of the Euro and all.  How times have changed, how the mighty have fallen...).  Time change, sometimes faster than we think, and our cultural references become dated.  Perhaps just like the Mayan calendar falling out of fashion over the last few centuries, until its end becomes a modern cultural phenomenon - or not, depending on your view of things.

In either case, it's worth partying like it's 1999 regardless because hey, it will be Friday when this all goes down, and Fridays in the modern world have their own meaning (even an abbreviation - TGIF!), especially right before one of the bigger US holidays.  So go out and have some fun - it's the end of the world anyways, right?
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