Monday, December 17, 2012

On a Walk

Ruby deciding on which loop to take...
There is a certain cadence to my daily routine when I work at home.  I start the day with a wonderful espresso from the new-ish Nespresso machine downstairs.  I size up my inbox and then have a daily stand-up call with the team.  Then, I crank on some things until lunch, when I take a break.  Before I eat, I go on a walk.

It's at this time every day that Ruby and I get some bonding time.  Depending on her mood, she goes on a short loop in the neighborhood (a "booby" loop), a longer loop (a "Ruby" loop), or wants to go on a full-out walkabout (an "oh man" loop).  In all cases, I let her lead the way on wherever she wants to go for the day and how much energy she has to work out.  At which point, we come home, I eat, and I crank on things again while she takes a nap.  It seems to work OK, and I kind of miss our little walks when I am away on business travel.

Which reminds me, it's time for today's walk.  I'll be back shortly.
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